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 The Student Elective Networking was established in May 2001 with the aim of linking hands, linking lands and linking  friends by building cross cultural and cross border relationships around the world. A student electives network around the world has been established in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, China, Zambia and beyond. Our goal is to make the medical student movement truly international and truly instrumental in God's advancement of his Kingdom.

Student link services:

  • Give you that added personal touch. Our student coordinators will contact you personally to discuss your preferences, school requirements and country of choice.
  • Help connect you to reputable and recognized mission hospitals that provide good clinical teaching, spiritual input and loads of fun!
  • Provide and connect you to passionate local contacts to assist you in planning your itenary and program.

For a guide and other frequently asked questions concerning how to prepare yourself for medical elective programmes, please refer to our partner site at