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Project70_Photo Medical Practitioners / Paediatricians / Physician (urgent)
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Organization: Health for China   webpage
Brief: Health For China has immediate vacancies for a Family Practice Physicians / Physicians Assistants / General Practitioners and also Internal Medicine Physicians / Paediatricians for its operations. Medical registration in China, work permits, visas, subsidized furnished accommodation, orientation, support in language learning and pastoral care are provided. Applicants should have current medical registration in their home country. Long-term availability and familiarity with Mandarin Chinese are greatly advantageous, though not essential.
Scope: Clinic/Primary Care (Urban)
Specialty: General Practice,Medical,Ob/Gyn,Pharmacy,Paramedical
Start Date: May 2005
Duration: Short to Long Term

Region: East Asia
Country: China
Location: Central China

Other Details
Notes: Health for China commenced in 1998 to help meet the needs of children with illness and disabilities and as a response to increasing awareness of Chinas broader health needs. Using the motto Empowering Chinas Health Professionals in Comprehensive Care Health for China is building a team of committed members with a variety of fields of wisdom, skill and competence, as well as an extensive network of relationships with multiple sectors and organizations. In particular, Health for China seeks to serve the poor, needy, disadvantaged and the younger generation. Health for Chinas medical component offers specialist paediatric assessment, advice and treatment to children in three childrens welfare centres in central China plus a free paediatric consultancy service to a large provincial hospital. The training component provides hospital-based medical and nursing training plus training in child care to carers in childrens welfare centres, as well as training of undergraduate nurses in a nursing college and outreach training to a hygiene college and teaching of medical English and some management and teaching skills. The community health component seeks to promote development of health services to poor and disadvantaged people in both rural and urban settings. In the future Health for China hopes to offer increasing services to surrounding communities, including outreach clinical services (medical, nursing and laboratory services to primary health care stations) as well as community health promotion through educational projects focused on priority health issues.
Facility: Health for Chinas work is operated from a Health Services Centre within a Chinese hospital in central China. This centre, equipped with offices, clinical consultation rooms, inpatient wards, laboratory, pharmacy and operating theatre, was commissioned and opened early in 2004. Health for China offers inpatient and outpatient paediatric consultations, dental, orthodontic and other paediatric restorative surgery. Additionally, a staff health service is provided for Chinese and expatriate workers for a number of organisations, plus pathology services, including hematology, biochemistry, virology and microbiology, and training for doctors, nurses, laboratory staff and other health care professionals.
Needs: Provision of clinical and community paediatric and adult medical services to in- and out-patients at the Health Centre and other hospitals, childrens welfare centres and community settings, as well as participating in outreach medical and community health services, health worker training programmes and continuing medical professional development activities.

Contact Person: Kathy Porowski
Contact Number: 1 714 997 0532