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Project68_Photo Mobile Medical Clinics to tsunami affected areas
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Organization: International Christian Mission  
Brief: A mobile clinic has been started, based in Gunung Sitoli, Nias island, delivering medical service to remote rural areas, in tsunami affected areas. 4WD transport with free clinics/ medicines going to expand to dental and physiotherapy services, with access to base hospital. Island popn. 500 thousand. Will expand to northern Aceh (Meulaboh) as soon as sufficient volunteer personnel permit. Starting with 1 month attachments optimal minimum.
Scope: Crisis Relief
Specialty: General Practice, Dental, Nursing, Others
Start Date: February 2005
Duration: 1-2 years

Region: East Asia
Country: Indonesia
Location: Nias Island

Other Details
Notes: Tropical equatorial climate, with internet access at Gunung Sitoli, travel undertaken with satellite phone and no security issues on Nias presently.
Facility: 100 bed base hospital , Gunung Sitoli 4WD transport to remote rural villages, spending 2-3 nights per week sleeping in district facilities.
Needs: Basic equipment to be brought; medicines provided. one month minimum (optimal) time available. Typical village 2 hours or more by rough road. malaria prophylaxis or mosquito repellent.

Contact Person: Dr. Derek Allen
Contact Number: +6591315981