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Project60_Photo Urgent Need of an Anaesthetist (urgent)
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Organization: The Christian Fellowship Hospital  
Brief: The Christian Fellowship Hospital in Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu is in need of an Anaesthetist with immediate effect. The 250-bed Mission hospital that has community transforming work and oversees a 1000 outpatients a day. The hospital is well-equipped. and is very busy secondary level hospital . Major and minor surgeries are done in General surgery, Obstetrics. & Gynaecology, ENT.& Orthopaedics. All the OT lists are very busy and there is a large number of emergencies. We have only one anesthetists at present and this is very tight situation. If anyone is willing to come for either short or long term we will be very grateful for their contribution and help. We assure you that it will be a very positive experience . We will provide with board and lodging. Dr. Paul Emmanuel, MD.DGO., Medical Superintendent.
Scope: Hospital/Specialist Care
Specialty: General Practice,Medical
Start Date: Immediate
Duration: short /Long term.

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu

Other Details
Notes: Christian Fellowship Hospital - Oddanchatram A secondary hospital located the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. Has all the basic infrastructure and depts - O&G, ortho, general surgery, paeds, internal medicine, high dependency, anaesthesia, HIV clinics. Fantastic turnover of patients- sees up to 1000 patients per day in her OPD! Famous for her faith- slogan of "We treat, God heals" is displayed boldly on top of the main building, and the chapel services every monring bonds all the staff at the spiritual and relational level. Doctors speak in English, so communication with the staff is usually not a problem The Christian Fellowship Hospital (CFH) was founded in the 1950s in Oddanchatram, a small village in a drought stricken rural area of south India. At that time, the area had no electricity, water supply, telephone, or school. The nearest doctor was 57km away. The founder of the hospital is Dr Tharien, who still operates at the hospital at the age of 82. Today, CFH has grown to a size of 250 beds with 42 doctors, and - due to the almost total absence of primary care services 1,000 outpatient consultations take place each day. Its activities have spread to health education programmes, childrens homes, rehabilitation centres for people with leprosy and, more recently, to the opening of a hospice for people with HIV. Despite its rural location, the hospitals reputation has grown to the point that junior doctors now choose to travel across the country to train there. Throughout India, patients are charged for treatment, but low fees and an intolerance of corruption have added to the success of CFH. Dr Tharien, meanwhile, has acquired something of an international profile, leading the international peace delegation to the UN, advising the WHO on medical ethics. Do read : for a detailed sharing from a student who's been there before. We've had many of our students/contacts gone there before, and not a few of us from the Linking Hands team have been there. Highly recommended!

Contact Person: Dr.Paul Emmanuel ,Dr Sushil Tharien
Contact Number: Tel: +91 4553 240983