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Project59_Photo Learning for Pre-med and Medical Students
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Organization: Center for International Service Learning   webpage
Brief: International Service Learning offers a unique and exciting opportunity through humanitarian/service learning programs for pre-med and medical students to experience hands-on clinical work in Central and South America, Mexico, Africa, and the Caribbean. Adventure travel, professional field instruction, academic credit! Financial aid available. Traveling by 4x4s, are accompanied by professional medical staff in addition to resident medical staff at each clinic location Medical personnel desiring experience in the mission field can go as regular team members, providing their own costs as outlined on their website, if you feel you want to work with them, ISL provide their lodging expenses except air fare.
Scope: Student Elective
Specialty: General Practice, Medical, Others
Start Date: Anytime
Duration: A few weeks

Region: South America
Country: South America
Location: Mexico, Africa and Caribbean

Contact Person: Ms Pepper Tucker, Program Coordinator
Contact Number: Tel: 816-322-0805, Fax: 806-0805
Email: or