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Project50215_Photo Need for Ophthalmologist (urgent)
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Organization: Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchatram   webpage
Brief: The Christian Fellowship Hospital, Oddanchatram is a 300 bedded secondary care hospital located in rural South India. This hospital was started in 1955 and has been involved in healthcare and spiritual nurture of the community around for the past 6 decades. We have a daily outpatient of above 1000 and have all basic specialties of medicine. The hospital is a recognized centre for multiple post-graduate training programmes.
Scope: Hospital/Specialist Care
Specialty: Others
Start Date: October 2014
Duration: 3 years

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: Oddanchatram, Dindigul dt. Tamil Nadu. South India.

Other Details
Notes: At present, there has been an acute need for an Ophthalmologist as our Ophthalmic specialist is planning to go for further training and is likely to be away for the next 3 years.
Facility: The Ophthalmology department has got both OP and IP facilities. In our OPD, we have an Ophthalmic technician who is trained to do refraction and to assist in surgeries. The equipments available include two slit-lamps, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes, applanation tonometer and Zeiss operating microscope. The surgeries are done once a week and are predominantly small-incision cataract surgeries (SICS). When there are enough personnel in the department, we also involve in community ophthalmic services.
Needs: Any Ophthalmologist who can handle common ophthalmic problems on an outpatient basis would be appreciated. Those who could continue the surgical services would be an added benefit.

Contact Person: Cijoy Kuriakose
Contact Number: 09486502490