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Project5_Photo Medical Recruitment Needs (urgent)
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Organization: INF - International Nepal Fellowship  
Brief: The INF is a Christian mission working for sustainable development in the communities of Western Nepal. We are looking for medical and paramedical workers. If you have patience, flexibility and a sense of humour then we may have the job for you! All of our vacancies are on a voluntary (raise your own support) basis. If you want to work as a Christian in an International and cross cultural environment, INF is the place for you.
Scope: Others
Specialty: General Practice, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Paramedical, Others
Start Date: Immediate
Duration: Long/short term

Region: South Asia
Country: Nepal
Location: Western Nepal

Other Details
Notes: Most of our vacanies require a relevant Bachelors Degree, sometimes a Masters/postgraduate qualification, and at least 2 years relevant experience. We normally prefer people who can commit to a term of 2 years or more, to give time to learn the language and to be able to adapt to the local culture. If you are interested, please email your CV/resume to the Recruitment officer or (INF, P.O.Box 5, Pokhara, Nepal). Let us know your skills and qualifications and the area you wish to work in. Most importantly, let us know when you could be available and for how long you would like to serve. All applicants have to be sent via a Christian seconding agency in their own country. For details of your nearest seconding agency to INF home office, please contact the recruit email address. The seconding agencies will take you through the application process and explain their financial arrangements to you.
Facility: Medical clinic and hospital.
Needs: Urgent vacancies in medical: - A Superintendent - A Medical Advisor - Clinic Manager - Medical Officer - Anaesthetist - Camps Nursing / Paramedical Officer - Camps Programme Manager (Nurse) - Physiotherapist Tutor Supervisor - Dental Surgeon - General Practitioner - Nurse : General / Maternal and Child Health - General / Plastic Surgeon - Laboratory Technologist (Counterpart) - Speech Therapist - Hospital Equipment Technical Specialist / Trainer Available for minimum of 3 months (exceptions are student electives and medical camps). Our list of needs changes frequently. Please send us your CV if there isn't a listed vacancy that matches your skills and the experiences - we may well be able to use you somewhere! - Doctors - Nurses - Nurse / midwife or Maternal and Child Health Officer - Lab Technologist - Therapist - Medical Electives - Medical Equipment Engineer

Contact Person: Recruitment Officer
Contact Number: Information is not available at this time.