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Project44_Photo Electives with MSI
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Organization: MSI Professional Services   webpage
Brief: Internation programmes with details on MSI website. Check with regional MSI offices for further details. Singaporean programmesl: (Check with MSI - Singapore for details) # 1/52 with RESUS course, short term team from Singapore # 1.5/52 with Health Fair, short term team from Singapore # 1.5/52 with county / prefecture hospital overseas
Scope: Student Elective
Specialty: Medical, Others
Start Date: Anytime
Duration: 4 weeks

Region: East Asia
Country: Singapore
Location: East Asia

Other Details
Notes: About MSI INTRODUCTION Medical Services International (MSI) was started by Dr. James Hudson Taylor III and Dr. Reginald Tsang in 1994. Due to the increasing scope of work, the name has been changed to MSI Professional Services in 2001. MSI now have six major programs: Medical, English, Youth Center, Livestock, Business and Management, and Community Health Development. VISION MSI Professional Services (formerly Medical Services International) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the health and community needs of the people in inland China. Our vision? To share Christs love through the witness of our lives in service to the Chinese people, partnering with the Chinese government in its goal to modernize and improve the economic and social status of poor and disadvantaged communities. Made up of committed Christians from all round the world, MSI believes in developing long-term relationships with our counterparts in China focusing our work on both rural and urban areas. MISSION To glorify God by mobilizing Christ-like Professionals to service in inland China. THE PROGRAMS To achieve our objectives, we have adopted an integrated community development approach. This involves the setting up of different but related programs to promote participatory rural development and sustainable community-based projects. These programs help put disadvantaged people on their feet providing them with the necessary skills to become self-sufficient. The ultimate goal is for them to be empowered to help others in their communities. MEDICAL The program provides medical education, training and services at universities, public health schools and county hospitals. It covers areas such as emergency medicine, resuscitation, endoscopy, cataract surgery, dental treatment, nursing and many others. COMMUNITY HEALTH This is a holistic program designed to guide and strengthen the community health service in rural areas. It includes training for public health workers in preventive care and the use, maintenance and repair of medical equipment. ENGLISH This program provides important English language training for students in middle schools, health schools, and universities. It also runs workshops to help teachers upgrade their language proficiency as well as teaching skills. LIVESTOCK This program comprises sheep settlement projects, animal husbandry education, agriculture technology and forestry development. It has developed to include sustainable land use, land stabilization and pasture development. YOUTH The program provides training and development for marginalized youth and the community. Its workshops foster character building through vocational and life skills training and through healthy recreational activities. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & MANAGEMENT (BAM) In urban centers, the program works with government bureaus and universities to train senior officials and managers in administrative skills and management. In rural areas, it provides advice and training on rural development projects.
Needs: Preparation: # Application with 2 references # Interview # Orientation # Training # Team meetings Cost: approximately S$1,800/-

Contact Person: MSI - various regional offices
Contact Number: NA
Email: To contact via MSI website