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Project33_Photo Electives at Christian Fellowship Hospital ,Oddan
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Organization: Christian Fellowship Hospital  
Brief: The Christian Fellowship Hospital - Oddanchatram (CFH) was founded in1950 in ODC in a small village in rural South India in the state of Tamil Nadu. The founder Dr. Tharien passed away recently. The hospital is famous for her slogan "We treat and God heals". From a very humble beginning the hospital has grown today to 250 beds with 42 doctors. There is a daily turnover of 1000 patients per day in the OPD.
Scope: Student Elective
Specialty: General Practice,Medical,Surgical,Ob/Gyn
Start Date: On going
Duration: 1 - 2 months

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: Tamilnadu

Other Details
Notes: Daily morning chapel service before ward rounds bonds the staff together on a spiritual and relational level. Do read:,, for detailed sharings from students who has been there before.
Facility: It has all the basic infrastructure and departments, OB/GYN, ortho, general surgery, paeds, internal medicine, high dependency, anaesthesia, HIV clincs, etc.
Needs: Despite its rural location junior doctors travel from across the country to train here. We have had many of our students and contacts who have had electives there, and many from the Linking Hands team too.

Contact Person: Linking Hands
Contact Number: +91 4553 240983