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Project23_Photo Medical Ministry in Chennai
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Organization: Christian Missions Charitable Trust  
Brief: The Bethany Medical Centre in Chennai, India offers medical, dental, eye and midwifery services. and sees about 150 outpatients per day. Most patients come from the surrounding slums. The centre has 2 wards, a labour room. a laboratory, X-ray unit, a dental unit, an Eye unit and a Pharmacy. It has currently 3 fulltime doctors and 2 part-time doctors on its staff. The centre is operating well among the slums and desperately needs volunteers to relieve their very hard-pressed fulltime staff. The very big plus about the Madras ministry is that people can go anytime convenient to themselves as individuals or a team ; and for any length of time depending on their special interests. This should fit well into the busy schedules of those wanting to volunteer but may perhaps face a time constraint. Interested volunteers should contact: Dr. Tan Kok Beng Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific Mission Ltd Mailing address: Raffles City P.O. Box 143 Singapore 911705 Tel: (65) 348 5546 Fax: 65) 348 5547 e-mail:
Scope: Others
Specialty: Medical, Dental, Nursing, Others
Start Date: Immediate and Ongoing
Duration: Short Term / Long Term

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: Chennai

Contact Person: Dr. Tan Kok Beng
Contact Number: (65) 348 5546