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Project22_Photo Medical Opportunities with SIM
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Organization: SIM - Serving In Mission  
Brief: SIM (Serving In Missions) an international Christian aid organization with more than 1,800 staff serving in more than 43 countries on five continents and 3 islands in the Indian Ocean. But in many ways, the better question is: Who is SIM? Because, more than anything else, SIM is people - a family of Christian workers dedicated to reaching other people with a heart of love. One of the hallmarks of SIM is the many opportunities for service it provides people. SIM members travel to unreached people groups in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and North America. And SIM members not only serve in diverse geographical areas, they are "international" themselves. In fact, SIM staff come from 33 countries. They also serve in a wide spectrum of career fields. There are openings in the SIM family for people of every race and nationality, and with almost any skill imaginable. Positions marked * denote short-term positions and those marked ** are long-term. Angola - Community health nurse - Physiotherapist - Nurse/Anesthetist - Nurse Practitioner - Surgeon - Nurse Midwife - Directors Bangladesh - Arsenic Remediation Specilist - Community Health Assistant* Benin - Hospital Nurses** - Central Sterile Supply Nurse** - Nurse MIdwife or Midwife** - Medical Student Elective* - Hospital Physician** - Nursing Supervisor - Nurse for primary health care project** - Pharmacist/Assistant/Technician-Assistant* - Laboratory Technician-Assistant** - Nurse Teacher/Clinical Teacher** - General Practitioner** - Surgeon* - Dispensary Nurse** - Short Term Nurses* Bolivia - Medical Student* Botswana - AIDS worker Burkina Faso - Nurse/Administrator for pharmacy & health project** - Nurse Administrator** Chile - Rural Community Health Care Worker** Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) - Village health care workers - School Nurse Ecuador - Community Health Worker for Eye Care* - Nurse/Caregiver for AIDS program Ethiopia - Health Management Nurse** - Nurse of Midwife Tutor** - Personnel Administrator/Missionary Health Care Coordinator* - Bingham Academy Nurse** - Rural Health Program Nurses** - Nurse of Student Nurse for Health Station* - Health Services Project Coordinator * Ghana - Primary Health Care Nurse Guinea - Village Health Educator India - Community Health Project Manager - Opthamologist* - Nurse* - Specialists (1 Pediatrician and 1 Obstetrician/Gynaecologist)* - Medical Student Elective* - Orthotist/Rehabilitation Technician* - EHA Personnel Needs** - HIV/AIDS Research and Evaluation Officer* - HIV/AIDS Nurse Educator* - Physiotherapist* - Dentist - Dental Elective* - Pre-Med Student Opportunity* Kenya - Dentist/Nurses for Somali Team** - Student Nurses for Somali Work* - Community Health Nurse/Teacher - Nurse** Liberia - General Surgeons* - Hospital Physicians** Malawi - Head of Medical Department Mongolia - Medical and Allied Health Specialists** Mozambique - Medical Doctor for Community Health Project Namibia - Nurse** Nepal - GP Trainer & TB/Leprosy Medical Officer - Health Professionals for INF** - Tuberculosis and Leprosy Work with INF** Niger - Medical Student Elective* - General Physicians** - Nurses* - Community Health Training Team Member - Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Surgeon** - General Surgeon** - Midwives** - Ophtamologist** - Occupational Therapist** Nigeria - Medical Student Elective: Community Health Development* - Hospital Obstetrician/Gynaecologist** - Dentist/doctors for Community Health Programme** - Surgeon* - Medical Technologist - Dental Hygienist** - Hospital Nurse Tutors** - Hospital Medical Doctor/Surgeon - Pre-Med Student Opportunity* - General Practitioners** - School Dentist** - Hospital Consultant Opthamologist - Internist** Pakistan - Health Educator** - Christian Hospital - Obstetrician/Gynaecologist* - Public Health Director - Nurses - General Practitioner* - Community Health Doctor Paraguay - Primary Health Care workers** Peru - Doctor-Gynaecologist or Pediatrician** - Community Health Care Workers** - Mobile Clinic Doctor South Africa - Medical Technologist - Hospital Medical Officer - Dentist - AIDS Consultant for SIM South Africa field/area Sudan - Medical Outreach to Majority People United States of America - Nursing Supervisor - Staff Nurse** Zambia - Primary Health Care Program Coordinator** - General Nurse and/or Nurse Midwife** - Hospital Nursing Tutor** - Nurse Midwife** - Hospital Administrator (and pharmacist) - Hospital Medical Doctors** - Hospital Laboratory Technicians* - Hospital Medical Student Elective* - Tutor-in-Charge, Nurse Training School - Hospital Pharmacist - General Nurse** - Hospital Physiotherapists* - Clinic nurse* - Community Health Assistant* Zimbabwe - Medical Student Elective* - Hospital Medical Officer (Surgeon)** - Community Health Assistant* Join us today in the call to extend God's work!
Scope: Others
Specialty: Medical,Surgical,Dental,Nursing,Others
Start Date: Immediate
Duration: Long Term / Short Term

Region: Africa
Country: Africa
Location: Africa / India / North & South America

Contact Person: Linking Hands
Contact Number: NA