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Project20215_Photo Medical Missions School (urgent)
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Organization: YWAM  
Brief: A school for medical professionals and primary health care graduates. The Medical Missions School is an advanced learning health care school that equips students for missions. The Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC) graduate will receive advanced medical training and the medical professional will broaden and solidify their area of expertise as well as use their prior learning to be effective for the challenging health needs in the world. This school gives a holistic and strategic approach to health care, and enables each student to apply solutions to many of these needs. Engaging in both urban and health depleted areas, it is uniquely designed to challenge your world view and to bring lasting resolve to health care problems. Needs :completed Discipleship Training School with YWAM
Scope: Clinic/Primary Care (Rural)
Specialty: General Practice,Medical,Dental,Ob/Gyn,Others
Start Date: October 6th 2013 - March 21st 2014
Duration: Every October to March, 6 months (see notes below)

Region: Oceania
Country: Australia
Location: Oceania , Asia ,Africa ,developing countries

Other Details
Notes: The training of the school is provided in two phases, a 3 months lecture phase and a 3 months outreach phase in a developing nation. For more Info see
Facility: YWAM Perth (lecture phase), provided accommodation on outreach with basic standard
Needs: all health care professionals with a heart for missions ,Basic Dentistry / Obstetrics / Emergency Response

Contact Person: Kathy Kennedy
Contact Number: +61893285321