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Project202_Photo Ugent Needs Africa (urgent)
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Organization: The Christian Health Service   webpage
Brief: We will be sending team missions to Benin, Haiti, Hoduras, Ghana, and Kenya in 2012.
Scope: Others
Specialty: General Practice,Medical,Surgical,Dental,Ob/Gyn,Pharmacy,Nursing
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Continous

Region: Africa
Country: Africa
Location: Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East

Other Details
Notes: We believe strongly that short-term missions have one purpose; to serve and support long missionaries and their programs. Unlike most agencies we do not take a portion of the project money each person raises for their service. We ask that our team members use those funds to support the project we send them to work in, not our organization. We also do not take a portion of support from long term missionaries we send.
Facility: Hospitals, rural and urban community based clinics. Some CHE projects are also open short term visitors.
Needs: All specialty areas, primary care, pediatrics, nurses PA's and NP's are also needed in all regions short and long term.

Contact Person: Greg Seager
Contact Number: US 210-888-9182, UK 0151-324-2935, Australia 02-