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Project17_Photo Thai Mission Hospital (Bangkla)
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Organization: NA  
Brief: Addendum: Currently Bangkla Mission Hospital is functioning as a clinic and no longer as a hospital. We will updating its latest status shortly. Our sincere apologies to those who were interested in this project. _________________________________________________ A mission hospital about two hours drive from Bangkok is looking for a doctor to help the hospital continue its mission. The present doctor who is also the director, will be returning for furlough soon. Wihout a replacement, this hospital could see it closing its doors soon! The hospital seeks a Thai doctor, or a foreign one who has been registered in Thailand. The hospital could remain open if they can find a Thai/Thai registered doctor to come in 2 - 3 days a week and have another doctor doing most of the actual work under his guidance. For a foreign doctor to be overall responsible he will need to pass some medical exams in Thai. However a foreign doctor can work there, provided the overall responsibility is taken by another person. The hospital does not have many beds - just about 10 or so, but has a large OPD department and they have around 100 patients a year coming to the Lord - mainly through the OPD and chaplains who follow up the OPD patients. Interested applicants should preferably be able work at least for 3 months. For more information, please contact Linking Hands.
Scope: Clinic/Primary Care (Rural)
Specialty: General Practice
Start Date: Immediate
Duration: At least 3 months

Region: East Asia
Country: Thailand
Location: Outside of Bangkok

Contact Person: Linking Hands
Contact Number: NA