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Project164_Photo Manpower needs in EHA (urgent)
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Organization: Emmanuel Hospital Associaiton   webpage
Brief: Emmanuel Hospital Association is the largest Christian non-government provider of healthcare in India, with 20 hospitals and 30 community based projects in 14 states of India. EHA serves through health, development, HIV/AIDS and Disaster programs, investing in the health and well being of the poor. Established in 1970, EHA has a thirty-six year history of wholistic work. EHA works in partnership with the communities, governments, and community - based organizations and NGOs both nationally and internationally to deliver the services effectively and efficiently. EHA's 20 Hospitals offer clinical services that include Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, General and Family medicine, Pediatrics, General and Pediatric surgery, Urology, Dentistry and diagnostic services including clinical laboratories, radiology, Ultrasonography and gastroscopy. EHA provides HIV prevention interventions to a variety of people engaged in practices that put them at risk for HIV/AIDS. EHA manages 22 community health (CH) & development projects in North & Central India. The major project components are Community Organization, Literacy and non-formal Education, Savings and Credit, group, Maternal and Child Health, and Micro Enterprise.
Scope: Hospital/Specialist Care
Specialty: General Practice,Medical,Surgical,Dental,Ob/Gyn,Pharmacy,Nursing,Paramedical,Others
Start Date: Any time
Duration: short or long term / continuous

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: North, Central and Northeast India

Other Details
Notes: Long term - one year or more. Short term - we look for few weeks to few months. we prefer people with specific skills, who can come along side and either train our staff to conduct some specialty camps etc.
Needs: 1. Doctors - All general specialties - Medicine, Peads, Surgeons, OB and Gyn, Orthopedics, Radiologists- to work along side existing teams and be involved in clinical work and training 2. Nurses - Specialty - Midwifery, Tutors, ICU, Peads nurses, Surgical nurses - to support existing nursing services and training. We also look forward to nurse leaders who can come alongside and mentor senior nurses . 3. Allied health areas - Physio therapists, Occupational therapists, 4. Senior Finance or Admin professionals - to come along side and support our staff 5. Teachers for schools . 6. Public health specialists - s any background to support existing CH programs. Contact person: E. Vijayabhaskar, ,

Contact Person: Vijaya Bhaskar
Contact Number: 01130882008/9, 3082010