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Project16_Photo "Boat of Hope" Ministry
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Organization: Asian Outreach Cambodia   webpage
Brief: After coming through war, genocide, corruption, flooding, and more war, Cambodians are in need of healing. Thus the "Boat of Hope" sailed her maiden voyage in 1993, traveling the Mekong River, bringing basic medical aid and hope to villagers who live along the river banks. The "Boat of Hope" ministry continues to this day, having conducted 200,000 consultations, 760 medical evacuations, 217 life-saving operations and 12 flood-relief distributions in the last 10 years. Asian Outreach Cambodia (AOC) is inviting medical personnel of all kinds - nurses, doctors and dentists - to join them on this Cambodian field for short-term mission experience and exposure. Prayer and outreach teams are also welcome to participate in short-term trips. Costs will be borne by medical volunteers themselves. A 10 days trip to Cambodia will cost about S$1000.00 (excluding provincial trips). Impact God's work in Cambodia today - contact us!
Scope: Clinic/Primary Care (Rural)
Specialty: General Practice, Nursing, Others
Start Date: Immediate
Duration: 14 days onwards

Region: East Asia
Country: East Asia
Location: Mekong River, Cambodia

Other Details
Notes: Also see:
Facility: This Boat of Hope provided medical services to villages along the Mekong River, downriver from the capital city Phnom Penh. After registering as an NGO in May 1994, AOC was contracted by the Cambodian government to provide medical services along the Mekong River in the provincial district of Lvea Em. Complementing the "Boat of Hope" ministry, the "House of Hope" is a recently-established AOC accommodation facility in Phnom Penh where patients and their carers can be housed while they seek further medical treatment. Soon to come, a brand-new River Ambulance Boat is being launched to facilitate evacuation of patients from along the Mekong banks back to Phnom Penh.

Contact Person: John KM Tan
Contact Number: NA