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Project155_Photo CIHSR , Dimapur , Nagaland . (urgent)
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Organization: CIHSR  
Brief: To develop a teaching hospital to develop medical leadership in the North east India that will impact the region and help staff the mission hospitals in India. To develop a pro-poor centre so that the poorest can have access to the best in Medical services. To support missions in India.
Scope: Hospital/Specialist Care
Specialty: General Practice,Medical,Surgical,Dental,Ob/Gyn,Pharmacy,Nursing,Paramedical
Start Date: approximately July 2007
Duration: indefinite

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: Dimapur, Nagaland, India

Other Details
Notes: Plan to work with the church to teach church workers and missionaries in basic health care. Plan to work with the government and help them to plan their health policies more effectively. Plan to develop teaching modules which can be used in mission hospitals.
Facility: 140 acres of land available in Dimapur, Nagaland, India. This is a joint project with EHA, CMC Vellore and Nagaland state. Certain buildings available which are being renovated to start this set up in about 3 months from now.
Needs: Doctors - Physicians, Gynecologist, pediatricians, orthopaedicians, surgeons, teachong nurses, radiologist, anesthesiologist and any person related with medical sciences.

Contact Person: Dr. Sedevi Angami
Contact Number: 91-0370-2242228/2224202/2223216