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Project150_Photo Surgery and Hospital Adminstration training, India
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Organization: C3MDS  
Brief: A team helping mission hospitals to upgrade their services and facilities. The local doctors are taught to upgrade their surgical services, Pharmacy and hospital management using computers and the evangelists are taught innovative means of sharing the Gospel.
Scope: Others
Specialty: General Practice,Surgical,Pharmacy,Others
Start Date: ongoing
Duration: onging

Region: South Asia
Country: India
Location: Mission Hospitals

Other Details
Notes: The team is currently based at Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital in Assam in India. So far about 15 hospitals have been helped with the hospital management software and surgical training
Facility: Hospital management computer software, mobile diagnostic facilites including Ultrasound, gastroscopies, cystoscopies, entire Pharmacy and laboratory, surgical training camps in Urological and laparoscopic surgeries
Needs: Volunteers with computer knowledge to help in web based programming of the hospital management software. Medical personnel to help in the Diagnostic and Surgical training camps

Contact Person: J. Gnanaraj/Charles Daniel
Contact Number: 91-9435173677