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Project138_Photo Surgeon Needed,Zambia (urgent)
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Organization: SIM  
Brief: The surgeon's primary role would be to overseee and provide inpatient and outpatient surgical services, as well as participating in the general ward coverage and general call schedules.
Scope: Hospital/Specialist Care
Specialty: Surgical
Start Date:
Duration: 1 Month or Longer Period

Region: Africa
Country: Zambia
Location: Mukinge Hospital

Other Details
Notes: Additional ministsry opportunities for the surgeon are dependent on needs, gifting and calling. Some of the largest opportunities at this time are in the area of personnel and leadership development. Mukinge Hospital is in an exciting phase of transition to Zambian leadership, with ntional believees providing effective leadership at various levels of the hospital ministry, including many senior positions. A Christian surgeon is needed to suppport the national leadership during this critical transition phase.
Facility: Cinder block housing with 24-hour electircity (occasional outages) and indoor plumbing is available.
Needs: Mukinge Hospital is urgently seeking a surgeon to join its nationally-led healthcare team. A ministry of the Evangelical Church in Zambia, Mukinge Hospital is a rural 200-bed referral center. Adequate surgical coverage is vital for both patient care and for the ongoing development of the hospital's ministries. It appears likely that it will be years befoe the hospital is able to recruit and / or develop a Christian Zambian surgeon willing to serve in this remote location. A mission surgeon is therfore urgently needed to 'stand in the gap' until a Zambia consultant is retained.

Contact Person: Trixie
Contact Number: 65 - 6298 3611