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Project125_Photo Medical Student Electives at Tenwek Hospital
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Organization: Tenwek Hospital   webpage
Brief: We Treat - Jesus Heals This is the belief of the hospital staff and the hope that is shared with each patient. A mission hospital in western Kenya. A place where God heals - and you can serve! Come learn more about Tenwek Hospital. Is God calling you to serve Him there?
Scope: Student Elective
Specialty: Medical, Surgical
Start Date:
Duration: Ongoing

Region: Africa
Country: Kenya
Location: Africa

Other Details
Notes: Goals 1. The student will gain knowledge in tropical medicine. 2. The student will learn skills in cross-cultural communication 3. The student will gain experience in the practice of medicine in a developing world setting. 4. The student will learn the importance and role of community health programs in the developing world. 5. The student will be able to observe and participate in compassionate health care in a resource limited setting.
Facility: Tenwek Hospital is located 150 miles west of Nairobi in the Bomet District of Kenyas Rift Valley Province. Though the hospital is located only 100 miles south of the equator, the climate is very temperate because of the elevation of 6700 feet. With 55 inches of rain per year, Tenwek and the surrounding rural area generally stay quite green and cool for a good part of the year. The medical work at Tenwek started in 1935 when World Gospel Mission missionaries arrived in the area. The first full-time doctor was an American missionary doctor who arrived in 1959. Since then, Tenwek has grown from a 35 bed cottage hospital to a 300 bed major referral center. Tenwek Hospital provides primary health care for 600,000 people in the local area, but serves as a referral hospital for most of Western Kenya. Tenwek is administered as a subsidiary of Africa Gospel Church in cooperation with World Gospel Mission.
Needs: The purpose for existence of Tenwek Hospital is described in the official mission statement as follows: Tenwek Hospital is a Christian community providing compassionate health care for the body, mind and spirit. This care is appropriate and affordable for meeting the common needs of the majority of clients through well-trained competent staff. In our Christian compassion we seek justice in accessibility of care and distribution of resources. We believe this medical work is a means of evangelism and spiritual nurture for the personnel and clients. Tenwek provides for all areas of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical care. Between 60,000 and 100,000 patients are seen in the outpatient area per year, and between 10,000 and 13,000 are admitted to the hospital each year. Approximately 2,000 major operations and nearly 3,000 minor operations are performed each year. The number of physicians varies at Tenwek throughout the year. There are two full-time surgeons, one pediatrician, two family physicians, one obstetrician, and three general practitioners on full-time staff. However this is supplemented with 30-40 visiting physicians and 10-15 resident physicians on average per year. These visitors are predominantly from the USA some of the visitors are also from Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia.

Contact Person: Carol Trachsel
Contact Number: 254-361-30086