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United Mission Hospital Tansen (urgent) - Short term / Long Term
Tansen Mission Hospital is a 131-bed hospital situated in the Paipa Highlands of the rural mid-western region of Nepal. The hospital has been serving the populace of Western Nepal and Northern India since 1954, with 100,000 outpatients, 7000 inpatients treated and over 8000 operations performed every year. At this time, the hopital is in desperate need of GPs for short-intermediate term...
South Asia - Nepal - United Mission to Nepal
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice,Surgical,Others]

"Boat of Hope" Ministry - 14 days onwards
After coming through war, genocide, corruption, flooding, and more war, Cambodians are in need of healing. Thus the "Boat of Hope" sailed her maiden voyage in 1993, traveling the Mekong River, bringing basic medical aid and hope to villagers who live along the river banks. The "Boat of Hope" ministry continues to this day, having conducted 200,000 consultations, 760 medical evacuations, 217...
East Asia - East Asia - Asian Outreach Cambodia
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice, Nursing, Others]

Thai Mission Hospital (Bangkla) - At least 3 months
Addendum: Currently Bangkla Mission Hospital is functioning as a clinic and no longer as a hospital. We will updating its latest status shortly. Our sincere apologies to those who were interested in this project. _________________________________________________ A mission hospital about two hours drive from Bangkok is looking for a doctor to help the hospital continue its mission. The present...
East Asia - Thailand - NA
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice]

Weekend Missions on Bintan Island - Once a month / forthnightly efforts targetted
Bintan Island, about an hour's ride from Singapore, forms part of Indonesian's Riau Islands. Its capital, Tanjung Pinang is visited by traders from Jakarta, Medan, Palembang and other big cities in Indonesia. With a rich history, the island known for its idyllic coasts and beautiful beaches is today a target of many tourists from the East and West, eager to take on additional recreational...
East Asia - Indonesia - Wesley Methodist Church
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [Medical, Dental]

Medical Ministry in Nagaland - 1 week
The State of Nagaland was formally inaugurated on December 1st, 1963, as the 16th State of the Indian Union. It is bounded by Assam in the West, Myanmar (Burma) on the east, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam on the North and Manipur in the South. The State consists of seven Administrative Districts, inhabited by 16 major tribes along with other sub-tribes. Each tribe is distinct in character...
South Asia - India - Local Medical Team
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice]

Immanuel Medical Ministry,Indonesia (urgent) - Ongoing
Immanuel Medical Ministry is an integral medical ministry through Immanuel Medical Hospital. Immanuel Medical Hospital (26 beds) provides Community Health Program + Primary Health Care programs throughout 18 village clinics in the interior highland of Papua, Indonesia The only transportation to and from Mulia is by small airplane. Mailing Address: Immanuel Hospital, PO Box 239, Sentani...
East Asia - Indonesia - Immanuel Medical Hospital
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice,Medical,Nursing,Others]

Mobile clinics and health education - 1 week
Since 1996, Asian Outreach Cambodia (AOC) has been contracted by the local Cambodian government to provide medical services to the Lvea Em province, and has been working closely with the local government health services in serving the people of the Lvea Em area. Medical clinics: Each week three mobile clinics run in Prek Rey, Tuk Khleang and Koh Keo communes. Together they serve the 25...
East Asia - East Asia - Asian Outreach Cambodia
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [Medical, Nursing, Paramedical]

Batam Medical Outreach - Till the Lord returns
This is a monthly mission trip to Batam to provide primary healthcare & helth education. Teams go in on a Sturday and return on Sunday. Average patient load 350-450 patients. Mainly paeds and primary healthcare.
East Asia - Indonesia - St. Andrew's Cathedral Medical Fellowship
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice,Medical,Nursing]

Nyakorere Mission Hospital , Kenya (urgent) - ongoing
The mission Hospital started as a clinic in the year 1994 adn due to wide spread of HIV /AIDS the demand increases the number of patients . On 4th September 1996 authority was granted to start operating as a mission hospital ata rural village known as Nyakorere Market. Due to expansion of the scope of operation the institution moved to a more central place . nearest to HEADQUATERS OF SOUTH...
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice,Medical,Dental,Others]

Somalia Medical Mission Trip (urgent) - 12days
1. Coordinated by Ms Beulah Singapore 2. Organised by Calvary City Church, JB. 3. The person overseeing this Medical Mission Trip is Senior Pastor Charles, who by profession is a medical practicing Doctor in JB. 4. Once the Singapore Drs numbers are finalised , Revrand Rajan and Pastor(Dr) Charles will come down from JB and we will hold a meeting in Singapore to...
Africa - Africa - Calvary City Church JB
Clinic/Primary Care (Rural) - [General Practice,Medical,Surgical,Nursing,Paramedical]