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In response to the growing demand for information on medical missions and student electives both at home and abroad, we are continually establishing link with foreign representatives who help us in networking together in this work.


Elgene Lim

Elgene is an Oncology Registrar based in Melbourne Australia. He has been to Calcutta and Orissa, India, with Linking Hands and now serves as our Australian Point of Contact.

Write to Elgene at,


Clyde Mataba (Zimbabwe)

Clyde Mataba is Junhao's best friend in Taipei during the ICMDA conference in 2002, and has the widest number of happening and passionate African contacts for missions.

Write to Clyde at


Jan Kunene (South Africa)

The South African CMF staff worker with an almost unlimited supply of raw energy (from above!). Link up with him and you'll think outside the box!

Write to Jan at


Jules Tagne (Cameroon)

Here's our star from Cameroon....Dr Jules Tange. A leader with a heart, Jules serves the marginalized and lost in the community. Football (we assume) is his passion!

Write to Jules at


Shem Yator Kiptoon (Kenya)

The affable Dr Shem Yator Kiptoon, district medical superintendent in Kiambu, Kenya is always ready with his warm welcome and offer of help! He’ll help link you to far away places where you will experience medical life on journey you’d never dream of! This is him in Sydney with 800 other Christian doctors!

Write to Shem at


Georg Muller (Germany)

A big man with an equally big heart; ask him about his adventures in India, Bosnia and Sudan. You'll will be thrilled! Active with Humedica (check our mission links!)

Write to Georg at


Sam David

Our missionary doctor from Inida who was formerly the General Secretary of EMFI who speaks at a rate of 100 words a minute will excite you into mission as quickly as he speaks!