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Linking Hands uses its website as a virtual portal and reference for its operations. The site essentially serves as a ground listing of the availability of current and forthcoming projects hosted by different humanitarian organizations. Important local and overseas meetings, seminars and conferences, individual thoughts, perspectives and testimonies as well as advice on how the individual can prepare for medical missions are posted on the site.

Linking Hands uses electronic mail wherever new medical opportunities are available. Healthcare and medical workers of the Christian faith contact us to discuss their preferences, area of profession and calling. The information gathered is then matched against a database of projects. This is followed by detailed planning and negotiation with the project host organization and individual involved. These individuals are eventually deployed to the project grounds. Consideration of safety and political posture is carefully noted and advice from local and international staff is obtained before deployment, right up to the final moment.

The ministry however, is not solely functional or dependent on the website alone. Linking Hands is certainly not a ministry without faces, and synergistic roles with various organizations in encouraging the participation does not end with online publishing. Individuals and members are responsible for sharing the opportunities available with their friends, colleagues and beyond. Sporadically, member meetings are organized. Our staff attend external and relevant mission-oriented meetings as well. Being a sanguine and 'middleman' body, it is undoubtedly a significant obligation for us to remain connected with local Christian individuals and mission groups; adopting a conscious effort to encourage others and educate themselves on the current yet changing trends of medical missions.

For the past years, the ministry has co-operated well with numerous mission agencies, large and small alike, and these contacts have been well established and maintained. Our major mission partners include Operation Mobilization, World Vision, Humedica e.V., Operation Mercy, Serving in Missions, Youth With A Mission, Mercy Ships, Asian Christian Outreach and International Aid Sweden.